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On the 9th of February, 2nd semester COMRE students had a great opportunity to participate in our first-ever onsite Internship Dating organized by COMRE. The event took place at Fuglsangssalen at Aarhus BSS.

First, we would like to say a big thank you to all the students who participated and a special thank you to the company representatives from our founding partners Salling Group, Arla, Bestseller, Danish Crown, JYSK, Rema 1000, as well as our business partners Royal Unibrew, Lantmännen and F&H Group.

The event was kicked off by COMRE board members, who welcomed the participants and encouraged students to chat with all the companies present, as there may be great opportunities where one would least expect them. After that, Professor Sascha Steinmann introduced the students to basic information regarding the project-based internship, stating the important deadlines and basic requirements.

Then, students had the opportunity to talk to the different company representatives and ask various questions regarding the available internship positions. Moreover, some companies were accompanied by their current interns, who could provide their insight on the internship. The purpose of this event was to create a space where students could get greater knowledge not only about the specific positions, but also about the hiring process, company culture or future job opportunities.

This year, our founding partners and business partners have 100+ truly interesting internship positions available to the CRM students. The upcoming semester will certainly be very exciting for both students and the founding and business partners.

We are thrilled we could finally organize an onsite event where the founding and business partners as well as students could network, as this is one of the reasons COMRE came to be.

On behalf of COMRE board members we wish all the students good luck with the internship search!

By Nikola Jachanova, February 2022

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