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How did COMRE come to be?

COMRE came to be in the summer of 2020, just before the beginning of the new master’s program at BSS. The idea of COMRE came from an ambition to create a network between the students and the founding partners of the newly founded master’s degree Commercial and Retail Management at BSS.

It did not take long for the founder, Benjamin Taher, to persuade co-founder, Asbjørn Joensen, to get on board with the idea. With a sense of optimism surrounding the new semester and the associated corona restrictions, the work began to kick the project off the ground.

After getting a grasp of what a student organization was, it was quickly decided to reach out to relevant companies to assist with the creation, as well as financial support for future endeavors for the organization. As Salling Group was a founding partner for the new master’s program and the workplace of the founder, Benjamin Taher, this was the obvious place to start.

Luckily Salling Group saw the potential with the idea. With the support and guidance from Salling Fonden as well as Carsten Wandorf (CEO of Fritz Schur Consumer Group) we gained the crucial help needed to kickstart the student organization, and some validation of the idea and the need for a student organization. In order to get ready for the semester start, intensive work was put in over the summer.  

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After the semester started it was time to recruit additional members for the board. Three new board members were recruited based on their competencies to fulfill the necessary roles needed in COMRE – resulting in a board of five people. Pernille Dalsgaard was included as head of marketing, Louise Buch as head of coordination, and Mark Bull as head of treasury.

Pulling on all of our combined connections and knowledge we started to build the organizational structure from the bottom. On 06.10.2020 the newly created Articles of Association was approved on the founding general assembly. COMRE was from hereon up and running and ready to help our fellow students with networking and create a sense of togetherness in these crazy times. 

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By Louise Buch, February 2021

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