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COMRE visiting Salling Group on Zoom

On the 26th of November, CRM students had the opportunity to get a virtual visit to Salling Groups headquarter in Brabrand.  

Salling Group is one of the largest retail chains in Denmark with over 50.000 employees and 1400 shops in three different countries. Salling Group offers plenty of opportunities within the field of commercial and retail which is highly relevant for CRM students. 

Company visits and the corona restrictions at play in Denmark is not the greatest combination, and this was something that challenged the very first event held by COMRE. The event was streamed via Zoom, as a way of complying with the COVID-19 restrictions and ensuring a safe way of offering our members a unique visit to one of the founding partners.

Salling Group image

The Zoom event was possible by having COMRE board members present at Salling Groups headquarter with camera and sound equipment, which allowed for a live stream of the event as well as making it possible for the students at home to ask questions continuously.

Firstly, the students got a guided tour of the automated High-rise warehouse by Henrik Nygaard. While answering questions from the students, Henrik gave a walkthrough of the flow of goods and talked about how they work with KPI’s on a daily basis. Moreover, how they try to improve every day and reduce cost through e.g. Kaizen. 

Afterward, Morten Agerholm made a presentation in the Merchandise center. Morten made a run-through of the history of SCO bikes, as well as how they work with the merchandise. He gave an interesting insight into how they strategize SCO and deal with innovation.

Visiting Salling Group gave way for connecting the theory learned in class with the real world and made some of the concepts more tangible.  The virtual company visit was a success and new events from COMRE are coming in the new year. A big thanks to Salling Group for allowing us to join them at the headquarter, as well as a special thanks to Henrik Nygaard and Morten Agerholm. 

 By Louise Buch, December 2020

SCO winner event