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The COMRE board of members dressed up in the Christmas spirit and hosted and online bingo event for the 1st and 3rd semester Commercial and Retail Management students.

It was officially our Christmas break and COMRE had prepared the year’s final event. What better way to celebrate with our fellow COMRE members and win some wonderful prizes than with a bingo game? However, due to the new COVID regulations the event was turned into an online bingo which still proved to be a success.  

Charlotte “Miss Claus” and Kristian “Santa Claus” with all the prizes for the CRM online bingo event

Our founding partners JYSK, Salling Group, Arla, Danish Crown, Rema 1000, and business partner Royal Unibrew, sponsored a wide array of presents, making the celebration even more memorable.

Our bingo lovers played at their homes and had an evening with snacks, candles, drinks and a handful of friends. This was a very ‘hyggeligt’ event.

There were also a few lightning round games in between the bingo sets where the eager participants jumped through hoops to collect specific items in order to become winners.

We played for a few hours, listened to Christmas songs and cheered in between rounds. At the end of the event, we had a lot of winners who came with smiling faces to pick up their prizes.

Some of the happy winners who came to pick up their prizes
More lucky winners celebrating at home with all their new gifts

On behalf of the COMRE board of members we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!

Gifts from our sponsors

We would also like to thank our sponsors JYSK, Salling Group, Arla, Danish Crown, Rema 1000, and Royal Unibrew, for all the wonderful presents that were donated for this event.

By Tiffany Escobell, December 2021

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